Ashley Plays: Saturday February 5, 2011

THEA 4290 is presenting The Ashley Plays this Saturday, February 5, 2011.

Meeting at 12:45PM, February 5 2011, in the CFT, in front of the Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre.

The Ashley Plays is a cycle of short, devised site-specific performances. Each cycle begins with the participants collaboratively delineating a profile of a non-gender specific character named Ashley. Ashley must be the focus of the work, but need not be a character who appears. Each “play” is created at an assigned o…r chosen site: for this cycle, every site is within York University’s Centre for Film and Theatre. In performance, the monodramas are viewed by moving pods of spectators.

Each of the monodramas happens on the same date: in the play world, it is February 5, 2010 (reminder: the actual event is February 5, 2011). There is no linear narrative, but simply a common character that each playwright interacts with in their own unique and inspired way.

Conceived of and directed by Judith Rudakoff

Featuring mono-dramas by:
Lisa Aikman
Nicole De Angelis
Ruby Bantock
Gina Brintnell
Alex Carter
Claire Gagnon-King
Christina Hamid
Liam Hanebury
Alex Kentris
Kwame Kyei-Boateng
Samantha Niaraki

Dramaturgy by:
Judith Rudakoff, Hilary Sherman & Derek Gingrich


About casayorku

Creative Arts Student Association (CASA) is the governing student body in the Faculty of Fine Arts. We exist in order to represent your interests to the administration, and are here to provide you with encouragement and support. This is achieved through the coordination of services, events, and activities which will enhance our immediate cultural community as well as the University as a whole. We strive to foster a sense of inter-departmental connectedness and belonging.
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