SOFA, Spotlight on Fine Arts, is a student run publication within the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Our goal is to deliver students with the latest fine art news and provide a space where fine arts students can showcase their work.

Last year, we published 4 issues of newsprint and distributed around the campus. This year, SOFA is moving on-line and going through some major changes.
We are going to launch our new SOFA blog sometime in October and we encourage all students, faculty, staff and alumni to contribute.

We want to focus on your creativity and products of hard labour; amazing artworks from all disciplines. We are happy to ‘spotlight’ any form of art and can’t wait to see your work. If you like to submit your work, feel free to email us at sofinearts@gmail.com

Check out our blog: sofinearts.org

Be a fan of our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spotlight-On-Fine-Arts-SOFA/214793941913811

Our first issue of SOFA is out! Download it here! sofa_issue1













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